Case Study : $7,500 Earning from Amazon Affiliate website

For some people this might be a very small amount which I earned but in my opinion every case study is worth sharing because there are some people who can take some tips from here or at least a little motivation.

3 Years back I was also like you reading random case studies and dreaming about making money online, it feels great that today I am going to share my own Amazon affiliate website case study with you.

So I started this website to experiment long tail keywords strategy so see if I can rank a website without doing a lot of efforts in Off Page SEO and I succeeded.

So to break the suspense here is the domain:

I planned to work on a website where I can review every musical instrument like Guitar, Piano & Violin etc.

I Purchased PMD (Partial Matched Domain) for this project.

I registered this domain on September 2018 from Namecheap.

In 6 months I just published 20 articles because I was busy in other projects (I’ll share those case studies too) and working on this website was not motivating me.

This website started making money from February 2019 and it crossed the first $200/month in July 2019 and I sold this website in January 2020 for $5,500 to one my client.

The total Revenue I generated from this site is $7,500 ($2,000 Earnings over the year + $5,500 Selling price)

I listed this site on flippa but I got bid of $2K but I didn’t sell it there because I found out most of people there are just interested in your niche and analytics and have no buying interest so I didn’t sold it there you can check out the complete earnings and traffic screenshots there.

Here is how this website made From US in 2019 year with total 11k organic traffic.

So now gets into the stuff how I selected the keywords & Ranked the website.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Site Setup
  3. On Page SEO
  4. Off Page SEO

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the most important part of your success in blogging. I selected Long tail keywords for this website like Best Digital Piano under 300, Best Keyboard Piano under 100.

If you don’t know what long tail keyword is a keyword with more than 3 words is called long tail keywords. These keywords are easy to rank because most of the time big marketers ignore these keywords due it less keyword volume.

So I selected these 17 Review keywords for this websites.

Most of the keyword volume was between 100 to 500 per month. I didn’t checked the SEO competition.

To make sure there are not only review articles on website I covered some informational topics on this website.

Here are those articles keywords.

You can read this article “How to find Long tail keywords for your website”

I have my own content writing team so the average article we published is 3,000 words.

These are the keywords which were giving the most traffic to my website when I sold it.

2. Site Setup

I use StudioPress themes on most of my affiliate blogs so for this blog I used Academy Pro.

Here are some benefits of using studio press themes.

  • Easy to use
  • You get lifetime updates paying onetime
  • Schema Optimized
  • You can change published date to the updated date you update your article
  • Easily add logon & favicon
  • Many Choices in design

These are the important plugins I installed in this website.

  • Yoast SEO (For SEO Settings)
  • WP Rocket (For Speed Optimization)
  • Eazyazon ( For Generating Amazon links)
  • Shortcode Ultimate ( For Designing Pro’s and Con’s)
  • Genesis Simple Edit ( For Changing Publishing date)
  • Genesis Simple share ( For social share buttons)
  • Genesis Favicon ( For changing the favicon icon)

Here is how the site looked like when I sold.

3. On Page SEO:

I do not like to complicate a thing that’s why my articles are simple and easy to read. These are the things I do for On Page SEO.

  • Keyword in title
  • Keyword in permalink
  • Keyword in Heading 2
  • Keyword in Meta Description
  • Added internal links in the end of article

That’s pretty much what I did for On Page SEO.

4. Off Page SEO:

I did not put a lot of efforts in Link building I just created few backlinks from free resources I had.

  1. Comments Backlinks

I searched for the content which is related to music and commented on the blog posts. These backlinks are the easiest backlinks to create as compared to other backlinks. You can create these backlinks by searching on Google.

  • Niche + “Leave a comment”
  • Niche + “Commentluv”
  • Community/Forum Backlinks

After creating the blog comments I move on to community or forum comments. I search the forums & Communities related to my niche and create account there then insert my article links in the reply I do.

You can find these communities or forum just by searching on Google.

  • Niche + “Forums”
  • Niche + “Community”
  • Guest Post

I was able to make 2 to 3 guest post backlinks by doing outreaching. I think most of the people think that getting backlinks by doing outreaching is the hardest job ever but believe me it isn’t it’s the most fun way to do it. Let me show you how.

First of all you have to find sites which accept guest post from content creators. You can do this just by doing Google Search.

  • Niche + “Guest Post”
  • Niche + “Write For Us”

You will find dozens of sites which offers you free guest post by providing content to them but it’s not that easy.

You have to find their emails you can do this by going to contact page or there are special write for us page in some sites.

If you are unable to find emails from both of these methods you can use this tool lets you find some emails for free and that’s enough for starter.

Now you have found the emails and have checked the criteria of  their guest post so we will send them the pitch.

For example we are in fishing niche.

We’ll find sites with fishing “Write for us”.

This is the first result I have found so we are going to pitch them.

I have added “Guest post opportunity” in subject and you can see that my pitch is very fast forward without any stories in it. This is the most simple way of doing it.

Conclusion: So I made this website with total Investment of domain buyging only because I had my own content writing team. I don’t think so it’s hard creating a website like this so If you are interested in amazon affiliate marketing you can still create your website on this criteria. Make sure you select the niche with 3% to 4% comsission rate.

Follow this blog for more upcoming case studies and Guides also share your thougts about this case study did you liked it or not.

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