Case Study: $6,439 Earning From High Ticket Affiliate Website

I was planning to work on high ticket niche website in 2018 when I got my business partner and started working on this project. We generated over $6,439 ($4,250 selling price + $2,189 Earning).

Let’s start with high ticket niche defination

High ticket niches are where the products price is high and by selling high price products we get high comission.

As you know I don’t like to hide the website so here it is :

I selected this niche because I saw a listing on flippa where a massage website was sold for $20,000 and was making around $1,600 per month.

Everything was planned me and my partner agreed on 50/50 share, He will be working on Off Page SEO & I will be arranging the content and publishing it and the On-Page SEO part.

We registered the domain in 26 June 2018. It was an EMD (Exact Matched Domain)

We published total 6 List articles and 1 single product reviews. After that we both got busy in our other routines and this project got neglected.

He created some backlinks but we both were not that serious about this projects thats why we decided to sell this project at the end of 2019 when it was making around $250/month.

In 2019 this website made $2,189 with total 7,217 organic traffic.

At that time the comission rate of this niche was 8% but with changes in amazon comission the new rate is 1 to 3 % so consider this if you want to work on this niche.

now lets get to the technical part.

Keyword Research

I had a lot of plans for this website because I wanted to create a big project so I had saved all the keywords of massage niche but these were the keywords which we were able to work on .

High Competition keyword

  1. Best Massage Chair (6,700 volume)

Low competition Brands long tail keywords

  1. Best Kahuna Massage Chair (0 to 100 volume)
  2. Best Zero gravity massage chair (400 volume)
  3. Best Human Touch Massage Chair (0 to 100 volume)
  4. Best Infinity Massge Chair (250 volume)
  5. Best Panasonic massage Chair (0 to 100 volume)

Single Product keyword

  1. Automatic EC-06 Shiatsu Review (0 to 100 volume)

These were the keywords ranking when I sold the website.

The average article we published was 3,000 words.

Read about it ( How to write amazon affiliate articles ? )

On Page SEO

The On-Page SEO is not very hard part I enjoy this process. It was mostly same as my previous amazon affiliate website case study.

The Articles were SEO optimized the keyword was used in h1,h2 and in meta description.

The plugin we used for SEO Was Yoast SEO.

Theme we used was Magazine pro from Studio Press Themes.


As we dicussed above it was my partner work to create the Backlinks so he created backlinks from 64 domains.

These were the backlinks he created.

  1. Blog Comment Backlinks
  2. Porfile Backlinks
  3. Web 2.0
  4. Press Release
  5. Free Guest Post

How I flipped the website?

I posted about it in different affiliate marketing facebook groups with earning & Traffic proof. You can join our facebook community for blogging Tips here

Many people approached me for details some were interested in domain name and niche only but few were serious, finally I closed the deal with one person at $4,250. I got the payment from Western Union. Read about it here ( Payment methods which work in pakistan)

So that was it for today case study if you have any questions let me know in comments and have a nice day 🙂

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  1. Thats really impressive sir KAMAL keep posting and keep motivating us
    I was very close to left this field due to new commision rate but after reading your post to target different countries.
    Now i m focused on my goal thanks bro Allah khush rakhe apko


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