5 Payment Methods for Paksitani Bloggers

If you are a blogger or a freelancer from pakistan then you must have these 5 payment methods because due to unavailability of paypal there are many opportunities you guys loose.

These 5 payment methods are used personally by me so you don’t have to worry these methods will 100% work for you.

1. Payoneer – Best Payal Alternative in pakistan

Payoneer is a digital payment platfrom they provide you a bank account in United Statest which you can use to receive payments from any blogging,freelancing or eccomerce platform.

You can Also expand your account they also provide you Canada, UK, Austrailia account if required. They also provide you the Master Card which you can use for Online or Offiline shopping

You can receive affiliate marketing payment in your payoneer account as I do. Then you can connect your payoneer account to your local bank account and with 1 click your payment will be in your pakistani bank account.

Benifits of Payoneer.

1. Recevie payments from any client
2. Receive payments from platforms
3. Send payments to any client
4. Use the mastercard for shopping


If you join payoneer through above link you will get $25 bonus on first $1000 payment

2. Western Union

Western Union is option when you want to take some big payments from clients and they have only paypal and you have payoneer so in order to receive your payment you can use this method.

The best thing is you don’t need to create any account for this.

How this works?

Your client need to visit any Western Union branch in his country and he will need your Cnic Name and the city where you will be receving the payment.

They will charge few dollars amount for the payment and they will provide a MTCN number which you have to show at the western Union branch. You can also track your payment with MTCN number.

Benifits of Western Union.

  • Receive payment from anywhere in the world
  • You just a Cnic to receive the payment
  • It takes just 30 to 40 mintues to receive the payment
  • No account creation required

3. Meezan Bank

The Meezan Bank is the only bank is in Pakistan which is the best for IT persons. They have the best online transation service as compared to the other banks in pakistan.

You can use the Visa card at any online website for buying themes,plugins, hosting or anything else you want it will work you won’t have to to activate the online session for using it for shpping.

They give you the best dollars rate when receiving payments from payoneer.

You can create you account with just 2,000 pkr amount. They will give you the checkbook, ATM & SMS Plus Email notification service.

You can’t create account online you need to visit the bank to create account

4. Faysal Bank

Faysal bank is the best bank for creating VCC ( Virtual Credit Card) If you do not want to use your personal ATM Card for online payments you can create a virtual card and load the amount you need to use.

You can use it on any platform you want. There are two types of VCC options in this bank

  1. One Time Useable ( You can use this only for once)
  2. Reloadable ( You can use it anytime by reloading the payment in it)

You can create unlimited VCC there is no limit thats why this is my favourite

You can skip this if you are not interested in VCC

5. Jazz Cash

Jazz Cash account is the alternative of bank accounts if you are unable to create the bank account for any reason then you can use the jazzcash.

Benifits of Jazzcash

  • You can receive payoneer payments in jazzcash.
  • You can receive payments from clients all over the pakistan.
  • You can use the jazzcash debit card for online trnsactions.

You just need a Jazz Sim to activate your jazzcash account by dialing *786#.

Conclusion: It’s best to have all resources when you are taking your online business seriously. Do let me know which payment method is your favourite

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