How to write amazon affiliate reviews articles? Beginners Guide

The majority of people think that writing amazon affiliate reviews articles is tough job and they can’t do it and they try to outsource most of the content.

The issue is they don’t get the quality of articles which they outsource from different writers.

I am going to make it easy for you if you want to write it by youself or even if you want to outsource the content it will help you in both ways.

This is how your article layout should look like

3 Steps of writing best amazon affiliate articles

1. Introduction

Biggest mistake: In most of the product reveiw articles I see people writing stores, questions. Plesase don’t do this.

For example, our topic is Best gaming laptop. The common way people write intro is

  • Do you want to start gaming and don’t have good laptop? Is that the thing?
  • Do you know what is a gaming laptop? Are you finding best gaming laptop?
  • Are you a gamer and get headache while gaming beacuse of slow gaming speed? The don’t worry here we are to help you.

This type of content is useless because a person who is searching best gaming laptop knows what is a gaming laptop so don’t make him leave your article by reading your introduction.

Here is the right way.

Start your article with the most imporant feature of the product like in gaming laptop the most imporant things are Graphics card and Cpu

So you introduction should be like this

As you know to play high end games like GTA 5, PUBG PC & Fortnight you need a great combination of Cpu & Graphics Card.

Don’t worry if you do not have knowledge about these things we have reviewed every product with features and we have mentioned which games you can play easily in these laptops.

If you are in hurry Product name this is the best gaming laptop you can buy now with 6 GB Graphics card, Am ryzen 7 you can play these games in it. Then add the list of games

This is how you introducation of you article should be not that creapy questions one.

2. Product Review

This is how your product review layout should be.

Image Credit goes to Nichepie


Your heading should have only brand name and model of that product you can also add some taglines like best product for something.

Then starts your review the most important part of your article.

Product Review

In this part your only focus should be to talk about the product not add your stories.

Start the review with most important feature of the product and why it is on the list. Then explain the benifits of the products feature because there are some people who don’t know much about features but they know what benifit they need from that product.

Your review should be total based on features and to the point. You can add the downfalls of product something which is not good in the product because not every product is perfect.

But make sure you are not writing many negative stuff about the product it will confuse your visitors.

You can find all of the details of products on amazon product page, YouTube videos about that product and checking out the official websites of those products.

Pro’s & Con’s

This is the part where you have to write most important good features and some bad features in the product like advantanges & disadvantages of the porduct in few words.

You can go to the review section of any product on amazon and find out pro’s and con’s of that products.

  • 5 Stars reviews will give you the Pro’s of product.
  • 1 Star review will give you the con’s of product

3. Conclusion of Article

This is also an important part of the article because there will be some visitors who will skip your all content and head over to the conclusion so you must sum up your article in that.

You should mention 1 product which is best overall in the conclusion so if anyone is hurry he can buy that product instantly.

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